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Documentary feature film - 2023

Pablo, a man deeply rooted in the traditions and values of the Uruguayan countryside, discovers a spiritual path in Tibetan Buddhism that intertwines with his gaucho identity. Inspired by the teachings of his masters, he takes on the challenge of rescuing horses destined for the slaughterhouse, giving them the opportunity to live freely.

"The Gaucho and the Wind Horses" is an internationally themed documentary that addresses universal topics such as the quest for freedom and personal enlightenment. In the Buddhist worldview, the "wind horse" is a metaphor for the human soul and symbolizes prosperity.
Through the interplay of gaucho tradition and Buddhist principles, we will embark on a journey of personal and cultural discovery. This journey will challenge deeply ingrained conceptions, open new perspectives, and explore the possibility of reconciling apparent contradictions between the earthly and the spiritual.

Director / Camera: Juan Gonnet

Production: Pedro Barcia


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